A-frames are the perfect fit for roadside signage.

Whether it be for advertising a special, a beacon to passing traffic or a location indicator for visitors to your premises.

Available in four different sizes to suit any location or requirement. The larger signs generally require wheels for easier manoeuvrability. These signs are constructed from a steel frame and colorbond steel sheeting for the faces, ensuring a long lasting product.

Sizes available…

  • A-frame reverse fold 600m wide x 450mm high
  • A-frame 600m wide x 600mm high
  • A-frame 600m wide x 900mm high
  • A-frame 900m wide x 1.2m high
  • A-frame 1.2m wide x 1.8m high

Marketing Tips

We recommend you keep the content to a minimum, maximising the font size so that your message is readable from a distance and from passing vehicles.

Cramming too much information on these signs causes them to lose their effect – keep it simple!