Give your company year-round exposure with your own calendar!

Calendars are a fantastic idea for keeping your brand or message in front of your customers month after month. Usually focused more on design than text, calendars showcase one month at a time along with your chosen image – important dates can also be highlighted.

These calendars also make beautiful family gifts, just supply 12 great family or holiday snaps. We can also add all your family and friends birthdays, anniversaries or other special dates on to the appropriate month! Calendars come with a hole drilled so they can be hung on the wall.

Marketing Tips

Calendars are a great way to keep focus on your message and build excitement about special events or products. You can offer the customer something new each month and by the end of the year your brand will be embedded in their mind and they will be expecting the next years calendar!

Tent Cards

Tent cards can be used for various projects whether it be promotional or personal. Advertise a discount and post to existing and potential customers, or keep it more personal with a personalised greeting card for birthdays, or just to say “thanks”. And don’t forget to thank all your great customers at Christmas time with your own customised Christmas cards!

If you are organising a special event, you can’t go past tent cards as they are perfect as invitations!