Complete your stationery package with your own printed envelopes!

Envelopes can be used for more than just posting information! DDP can supply and print all sizes of envelopes in window faced or plain faced. Different sealing methods are also available such as:

Peel N Seal
This method has a removable waxed tape applied over adhesive. No moisture or licking is required. Stronger seal and longer shelf life.
Self Seal
No moisture or licking is required. Pressure sensitive strip applied to top & bottom flaps.
Lick N Stick
Moisture activated gum line. Not recommended for long term storage.

Some of the standard sizes available…..

11B Envelopes
145mm x 90mm
DL Envelopes
220mm x 110mm

Standard envelope to suit folded statements and A4 pages

DLX Envelopes
235mm x 120mm

These envelopes enable a DL envelope to fit inside

C5 Envelopes
229mm x 162mm

Fits A5 material without having to fold

C4 Envelopes
324mm x 229mm

Fits A4 material without having to fold

Marketing Tips

Printed envelopes are another fantastic way to reinforce your company’s identity and continually brand yourself.

11B – 145 x 90mm
DL – 110 x 220mm
DL – 110 x 220mm
C4 – 324 x 229mm
C4 – 324 x 229mm