First impressions count! Make it a good one with an impressive, quality card that looks and feels great when you hand it over to any potential new customer.

DDP has many options available including matt or gloss laminated, square or rounded corners, one or two sided and more!

For the premium look we suggest the 3D UV embossed cards – these cards really are a step up and will impress.

DDP also recommends, although don’t insist on, a slightly smaller size than the “old school” cards. We produce most cards at the International Credit Card size of 86mm x 54mm instead on the traditional 90mm x 55mm. This allows the card to fit into wallets and purses as they should with ease.

Marketing Tips

Business cards have been around a for long time and always will be. For such a small outlay for a 1000 cards it is smart business practice to hand out your cards continuously and as quickly as possible! There is no cheaper way to continually market yourself.

Consider adding a special offer or promotion to the back of your card to entice your next new customer.

In the current digital age, business cards still play a vital role, maybe consider adding a QR CODE to your card for recipients to scan and automatically add your details to their smart phone! This saves manually entering all of your contact details.






  • 500 cards $110 inc GST
  • 1000 cards $145 inc GST
  • Gloss or matt laminated on front
  • Printed both sides with rounded or square corners.

*plus initial artwork fee $39
*does not include logo creation