Magnets are a useful tool for customers that can be used in a variety of ways.

Fridge magnets are best suited to businesses and tradesmen that are generally a “use-again” industry. Plumbers, electricians, pool maintenance, carpet cleaners & car detailers! The list goes on! Give your clients an easy option to call you again rather than a competitor.

Car magnets are a cost effective solution for mobile vehicle advertising that can be easily switched or removed from one vehicle to another. Vehicle magnets will stick to any vehicle with metal body panels and are available in many sizes.

The materials at DDP are UV rated, laminated and long lasting. We can also supply diamond grade reflective magnets or stickers for any mine or construction vehicles or equipment. Samples are available in store to view.

Marketing Tips

Hand out fridge magnets to anyone and everyone! – they are a usable item for your customers while keeping your contact information close at hand.

One of the cheapest forms of advertising is on your vehicle – heaps of exposure with one small, one off payment. Don’t waste the space! Cover your vehicles in advertising.

Fridge Magnets
Vehicle Magnets